Chorom Potro: A satiric radio program produced by M. R. Akhter Mukul. Over 200 episodes of this popular radio program Chorom Potro have been broadcasted from Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendro during the 1971 Liberation war of Bangladesh. M. R. Akhter Mukul has himself composed and moderated almost all those masterpieces of Chorom Potro. He took the news bulletin of every days happening, spoke with freedom fighters and ornamented his satiric text with a special vocabulary of very famous accent of native Dhaka, which has given to the people not only a satiric entertainment but also an impulsive inspiration to the freedom fighters to win the liberation war.
-Editor, Tritiomatra.Org

Having been a journalist for more than two decades, Mukul worked for the Dainik Azad, the Dainik Ittefaq and Purbadesh. He was the Dhaka Bureau Chief of UPI, the news agency. He served as the Press Minister of Bangladesh in London immediately after the Liberation .

Mukul authored about 36 books, a number of which will always be treated as authentic sources of the history of Bangladesh. Among his books are Ami Bijoy Dekhechhi, Bahannor Bhasha Andolon, Bijoy Ekattor, Nokshalder Shesh Shurjo, Ami-i Khaled Mosharraf, London-e Chhokku Mia, Mujiber Rakto Laal and others. He was the convenor of the second phase of the editing of Bangladesher Shadhinota Juddher Dolil.

However, Mukul's fame is mostly based on his inspirational oration of Charompotro (the ultimatum) which he himself would compose after observing the warfields. His timeless character of Chhokku Mia, actually his own mouthpiece, used to describe the freedom fighters with all embellishments of intelligence and bravery. And this would provide an immense source of inspiration to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their personal interest and lives to free the country from the oppressive grip of the then West Pakistani rulers.

Chhokku Mia would also describe the top brass of the Pakistani regime, such as General Tikka Khan, General Ayub Khan and General Niazi, in such derogatory terms which almost verged on the line of lampoon besides its usual tones of mockery. This would also imbue the fighters with courage and spirit on the warfronts. We, from the Tritiomatra.Org together with the Culture Desk of The Daily Star salutes MR Akhtar Mukul for his invaluable contribution to the shaping of the nation. We express our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members of the deceased.

[Source: Bogra Infoportal]


M.R. Akhtar Mukul

Eminent intellectual, writer, journalist-columnist, and the inspirational orator Charompotro-famed cultural personality MR Akhtar Mukul breathed his last on June 26, 2004 after a long struggle against intestinal cancer. With his demise, the nation lost one of its bravest sons who contributed immensely to the historic Liberation War in 1971. Born on August 9, 1929 in West Bengal of the undivided India, Mukul migrated with his family to Bangladesh and settled at Mahasthan in Bogra. Later he engaged himself in all the major movements of the country, from the Language Movement of 1952 to the Liberation War of 1971.