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21 February
International Mother Language Day

The UNESCO has proclaimed February 21 as the International Mother Language Day. The proclamation came in the form of a resolution unanimously adopted at the plenary of the UNESCO at its headquarters in Paris in November 1999.

The first International Mother Language Day event was opened on February 21, 2000 in Paris by the Director-General of UNESCO Koïchiro Matsuura who stressed that "by deciding to celebrate mother tongues, UNESCO's Member States wished to recall that languages are not only an essential part of humanity's cultural heritage, but the irreducible expression of human creativity and of its great diversity."

Highlighting the fact that close to 6000 languages are estimated to be spoken in today's world, Mr Matsuura said: "They testify to humanity's astounding ability to create tools of communication, to its perception and reflection. They are the mirror of the souls of the societies in which they are born and they reflect the history of their contacts. In this sense, it could be said that all languages are cross-bred."
save buriganga





Draft Constitution (Version 1)

1. Name 2. Objectives 3. Legal Status 4. Non-profit Character 5. Membership 5.1 Classes of Membership 5.1.1 Full Members 5.1.2 Honorary Members 6. Members Meetings 7. Executive Committee 7.1 The President 7.2 Composition of the Committee 7.3 Election of the Committee 7.4 Committee Meetings 8. Financial Matters 8.1 Financial Year 8.2 Management of Funds 8.3 Membership Fees 9. Executive Meetings 10. Amendment of Constitution 11. Dissolution


The name of the association is: “TRITIOMATRA” The Third Dimension. (hereinafter referred to as the “TriTioMatra”). The TriTioMatra was founded in August 2007 as an organization initiated by a group of Bangladeshi living in Bangladesh and abroad. .

TriTioMatra - The 3rd Dimension - the grace of not absolutizing others. Its object is to find the facts and figures of crimes happened during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. TriTioMatra aims to establish a legal process in Bangladesh and abroad to create public opinion to bring those to justice who committed war crimes during the liberation war in 1971. TriTioMatra's mission is also to organize Bangladeshis to stop misuse of religion in politics.
TriTioMatra is a body organization with its own legal identity which is separate from its individual members. TriTioMatra shall continue to exist even if the members change. TriTioMatra may own property, enter into contracts, and sue or be sued in its own name.
4.1 The receipts and property of TriTioMatra shall be used solely for the promotion of its stated objects. No portion of the income or property of TriTioMatra shall be paid or distributed directly or indirectly to any person (otherwise than in the ordinary course of undertaking any public benefit activity) or to any member of TriTioMatra or Executive Committee, except as:
4.1.1 reasonable compensation for services actually rendered to TriTioMatra;
4.1.2 reimbursement of actual costs or expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of TriTioMatra.
4.2 Upon the dissolution of TriTioMatra, after all debts and commitments have been paid, any remaining assets shall not be paid to or distributed amongst members, but shall be transferred by donation to the Muktijodha Foundation Bangladesh or some other association which the Executive Committee (and failing which any division of the High Court) considers appropriate, which:
4.2.1 has objects the same or similar to the objects of TriTioMatra; and
4.2.2 is also exempt from payment of the same taxes and duties.
4.3 In order to maintain its present and future tax exemption status, TriTioMatra shall at all times fully comply with all the requirements of Bangladesh Revenue Services upon which such exemption shall depend.
5.1 Classes of Membership The members of TriTioMatra shall be full members and honorary members.
5.1.1 Full Members Full members are elected, after application for membership, by the Committee. An application for membership shall include a summary of the applicant's Support and commitment to Independent of Bangladesh. An application for membership shall be signed by a proposer and a seconder, both who have to be members of TriTioMatra. An application for membership shall only be considered if the applicant: in the judgment of the Committee, exhibits an active interest in Bangladesh as well as in the activities of TriTioatra, and if the applicant shall be willing to maintain the spirit and promote the reputation of TriTioMatra. has attended at least three official meets of the Section, one of which must be at least two consecutive days with an overnight stay; on condition that the committee may, in meritorious cases, make an exception in this regard. No applicant under the age of 18 years shall be eligible to be elected as a full member of TritioMatra, In the event that two or more members of the Executive Committee vote against the approval of an application for membership, such an application shall be refused. The Secretary shall inform an applicant of the acceptance or refusal of the applicant's membership application as soon as possible. An application for membership may be refused without stating reasons for the refusal.
5.1.2 Honorary Members Honorary members are elected on the recommendation of the Committee by the members of TriTiomatra at a Members Meeting. Honorary members are exempted from payment of membership fees. An honorary member has the same privileges as a full member and shall be bound by those provisions of the Constitution, which are applicable to full members (except if expressly otherwise stated in this Constitution).
6.1 The Executive Committee shall annually convene a Members Meeting, if possible during the month of February, which meeting shall be known as the Annual General Meeting.
6.2 The Annual General Meeting is competent to decide on any issue which deals with the policy and activities of TriTiomatra and the Executive Committee shall be bound by the decisions of the Members Meeting.
6.3 The annual financial statements and the annual report must accompany the notice of the Annual General Meeting
6.4 The Executive Committee may, if they consider it to be advisable and if so requested in writing by at least seven members, convene a Special Members Meeting.
6.5 A Special Members Meeting shall only consider the business of which due notice has been given.
6.6 Notice of a Members Meeting shall be given to all members at least two weeks prior to such meeting. Notice must be given in writing and sent to the most recent postal or e-mail addresses of members.
6.7 Only full members are entitled to vote at a Members Meeting.
6.8 Members may vote in person or may, in writing, appoint another person to vote on their behalf.
6.9 A quarter of all members (whichever is the lesser number) make up a quorum at a Members Meeting.
6.10 The Chairman of the Committee shall act as chairman at Members Meetings. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-chairman shall take the chair. If both the Chairman and the Vice-chairman are absent, the remaining members shall appoint a temporary chairman.
6.11 The Chairman has an equal and deciding vote at a Members Meeting.
7 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of TritioMatra, from, and by, the Members of TritioMatra
7.1 The President The President of TriTioMatra is the Chairperson of the Executive Committee.
7.2 Composition of the Executive Committee
7.2.1 A Vice-president may be appointed by the Committee, if such appointment is considered in the interest of riTioMatra.
7.2.2 The Committee consists of a Chairman, a Vice-chairman, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, a Secretary Public Relation, a Secretary Cultural Affairs and three executive Members.
7.3 Election of the Executive Committee
7.3.1 The Executive Committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting of TriTioMatra per secret ballot by the members of the Section.
7.3.2 The Executive Committee is elected for one year.
7.3.3 Any vacancies which may arise during the Committee's term, shall be filled by the Committee itself.
7.3.4 No committee member may serve on the Committee for more than five consecutive terms, providing that the term during which a committee member serves as Chairman shall not be taken into account in the calculation thereof. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, no person shall serve on the Committee for a period exceeding seven years.
7.3.5 No person may serve as Chairman for more than four consecutive years.
7.3.6 In the event that a committee member is absent from three consecutive committee meetings without the approval of the Committee, the committee member's membership of the Committee shall be terminated.
7.3.7 Written nominations for committee posts must be handed to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting. Each nomination shall reflect all the committee positions in which the nominated person is willing to serve. The nomination must be signed by the proposer, the seconder and the nominated person, all who have to be members of the Section.
7.3.8 At the Annual General Meeting further candidates for the Committee may be nominated from the floor by a proposer and a seconder; all who have to be members of the Section.
7.3.9 Committee members are elected in specific posts. Election takes place in the order as set out in paragraph ....
7.4 Executive Committee Meetings
7.4.1 Executive Committee meetings are convened at the discretion of the Chairman.
7.4.2 If so requested by at least three committee members, the Chairman shall be obliged to convene a committee meeting.
7.4.3 The Chairman has an equal and deciding vote at all meetings of the Committee.
7.4.4 In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-chairman shall take the chair. If both the Chairman and the Vice-chairman are absent, the committee members present shall appoint a temporary chairman.
7.4.5 A quorum shall be formed by three committee members.
7.4.6 The committee may make round robin resolutions provided that: the General Secretary informs all committee members by e-mail or telephone of such proposed resolution; not less than 75% of committee members support such resolution, and the resolution is confirmed at the next meeting of the Committee.
8.1 Financial Year The financial year of TriTioMatra shall extend from 1 January to 31 December of a calendar year.
8.2 Management of Funds All funds of TriTioMatra shall be deposited into a banking account, specially opened and reserved for the purpose, with a registered bank; unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee. Save for petty cash vouchers and electronic transfers not exceeding an amount determined by the Committee from time to time, all cheques and payment instructions requiring signature on behalf of the Section shall be signed by two authorized signatories. The Committee shall determine the authorized signatories from time to time.
8.3 Membership Fees
8.3.1 Membership fees and entrance fees are fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.
8.3.2 Applicants for membership must pay both the membership fee and the entrance fee simultaneously with the lodgment of their application, although the Committee may, on application, decide that payment of entrance fees can be postponed. The aforementioned moneys are refundable should a person not be elected as member.
8.3.3 Membership fees are payable in advance for each calendar year.
9.1 The Executive Committee must appoint a leader for every official meet. Such leader need not be a member of the Executive Committee.
9.2 The appointed leader shall see to the safety and proper conduct of all members and guests on such a meet and all members and guests shall adhere to the appointed leader's instructions.
9.3 The appointed leader must organise the meet in such a manner that the reputation and spirit of TriTioMatra is maintained.
9.4 Subsequent to each meet the appointed leader must submit a short report on the meet in writing to the Executive Committee. Such report must also contain the names of members and guests who attended the meet.
This Constitution may be amended by a two third majority vote taken at a Members Meeting on condition that the proposer and the seconder – both who have to members of the Section - of such amendment give written notice of the proposed amendment to the General Secretary at least three weeks prior to the Members Meeting. Such proposed amendment must be posted or e-mailed to all members at least two weeks prior to the Members Meeting.
11.1 TriTioMatra shall be dissolved by a two third majority vote at a Members Meeting on condition that the proposer and the seconder – both who have to be members of TriTioMatra - of such proposal for dissolution give written notice thereof to the General Secretary at least three weeks prior to the Members Meeting. Such proposed motion for the winding up of the Section must be posted or e-mailed to the members at least two weeks prior to the Members Meeting.
11.2 As soon as a decision is made to proceed with the dissolution, two persons shall be appointed by the Members Meeting to act as liquidators of the assets and liabilities of TriTioMatra. The Members Meeting shall also decide on the power and remuneration of the liquidators.
11.3 The liquidators shall deal with the Section's assets as per clause 4.2.
Films of the month

Tazuddin Ahmed

The man who liberated Bangladesh in the Independence War of 1971

Watch Stop genocide by Jahir Raihan
The Great War - a BBC production
Shadhinota shongramer itihash
"Today Bangladesh is a sovereign and independent country. On Thursday 16th of march 1971 night West Pakistani armed forces suddenly attacked the police barracks at Razarbagh and the EPR headquarters at Pilkhana in Dhaka. Many innocent and unarmed have been killed in Dhaka city and other places of Bangladesh. Violent clashes between EPR and Police on the one hand and the armed forces of Pindi on the other, are going on. The Bengalis are fighting the enemy with great courage for an independent Bangladesh. May God aid us in our fight for freedom. Joy Bangla."
Instrument of Surrender
Pakistani Army Comander in the Eastern Command, Lt. General A. A. K. Niazi, signing the Instrument of Surrender in front of General of Officer Commanding in Chief of India and Bangladesh Forces in the Eastern Theatre, Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora. 16th December, 1971
On 18 April 1930, young revolutionaries led by Surya Sen in attacked and burned down the British Armory in Chittagong. They fought a heroic battle on the hills of Jalalabad where twelve revolutionaries were killed.
Partition 1947
This partition 1947 created both a harvest of bitterness and the basis for further conflict. In 1970-71, Pakistan itself was further divided as East Pakistan became the new state of Bangladesh, a process attended by an enormous human tragedy of war and famine.



Help the victims of SIDR

Dear Friends of Tritio Matra: Our country is in distress and millions have been affected, what can we do? In this crisis moment of Bangladeshi we all are trying our level best to help the victims of sidr. We can donate money, but in which organization? Tritio Matra made a research on sincerity of different organizations those are involve with disaster management. and we do recomend following organizations according to their area of works:

Chief Adviser's Relief Fund
Current A/C No. 33004093 Sonali Bank, Prime Minister's Office Branch,Tejgaon,Dhaka SWIFT Code : BSONBDDH.
International Federation Red Cross and Red Crescent Save the Children

Historical Events

The Proclamation of Indepen-dence was read at the village Baidyanathtola, Meherpur known as Mujibnagar, on 17 April 1971. On this day the first provisional government of Bangladesh took oath here. The Pak army killed several hundred people at village Amjhupi on 18 April 1971.

Mujibnagar: Located at a distance of about 7 km. from the town of Meherpur.

Monument of the War of Liberation

National Memorial Monument : Located at Savar, 35, km. from Dhaka city. The memorial designed by architect Moinul Hossein, is dedicated to the sacred memory of the millions of unknown martyrs of the 1971 war of liberation

Mass grave: Meherpur Government College, Jagannathpur, Kazipur and Tengramari; Mass killing site: Jatarpur, memorial monument at Mujibnagar.

Editor-in-Chief: Monaz Haque. Media correspondent: Al-Amin. Editorial Board: Mir Amdadul haque, Md. Azizuddin Bhuyian, Areef Mahboob, Maliha Haque, Farzana Mahboob, Jahangir Ahmed, Farzana Ruma,
Adviser: Hasan Mahmud,

TriTio Matra is a documentation project based on Bangladesh war of Independence, initiated by a group of Bangladeshi living in Bangladesh and abroad