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Moushumi Bhowmik Live Concert at Stockholm on 4th October 2008
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Live Concert: On the occasion of first annual conference of Tritiomatra.Org there was a music concert at Stockholm on 4th October 2008. Moushumi Bhowmik has performed a solo music concert, guitarist Oliver Weeks has accompanied her during the 2 hours concert.

Moushumi Bhowmik is a singer-songwriter and independent researcher of Bengali music based in Kolkata, India, but her music is also widely known in Bangladesh. She has composed and sung for the films of Bangladeshi director Tareque Masud. She is the music director of the film „Matir Moyna“ ('The Clay Bird) that has won the International Critics’ Prize at Cannes Film Festival in 2002. Her songs have been recorded and released in India. She has also been collaborating with London-based composer Oliver Weeks, and in 2004 they founded 'Parapar', an Anglo- Bengali band, with three more British musicians and a Bengali guest musician. Parapar has given concerts in London, Berlin, Kolkata and Dhaka. In Stockholm, Moushumi would be joined by Oliver, guitarist of 'Parapar'.

For the past five years Moushumi has been involved in a research, documentation and dissemination project on absence and longing (biraha) in the folk music of Bengal, which is supported by the India Foundation for the Arts in Bangalore. She travels in eastern India and Bangladesh with sound recordist Sukanta Majumdar, recording and documenting music and musicians, carrying an ever-growing 'travelling archive' to wherever they go. She writes about her work and makes presentations at home and abroad. There is a related audio documentation project that Moushumi is working on, on the theme of migration, memory and music, based mainly in East London, amongst its Bangladeshi people. This project has received support from the British Library.

One other area of interest that Moushumi has had for many years is in children's books; she writes and translates for children. She is currently working on a book with Anna Bengtsson and Helena Bergendahl, Swedish writers and illustrators, as part of a collaborative project between Indian and Swedish writers and illustrators for children, initiated by Sveriges Forfattarforbund (the Swedish Writers' Union, Stockholm). It is this project that brings her to the Gothenburg Book Fair, 2008. And Tritiomatra.Org is proud to present Moushumi's concert during its annual conference at Stockholm on 4th October 2008.